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Your wedding day is very special with memories that you will treasure for ever. I provide wedding packages tailored to your specific needs to ensure that I capture your day exactly how you have imagined.


My approach to wedding photography

For the majority of a wedding day, I work as a documentary wedding photographer, which means that I capture your day exactly as it happens, naturally, rather than making things happen, I aim to tell the story of your wedding through beautifully captured images. Apart from when I take group photographs of your family and friends, and also portraits of you both, nothing will be staged and my aim is that you feel relaxed, enabling you to concentrate on having fun and having the best day ever. I always look for opportunities to capture creative/artistic portrait images but take these only when my couples are in the mood or have requested these during one of our pre-wedding meetings.

Through the moments being real and genuine, your wedding photographs will remind you of not only what your day looked like, but more importantly, they will also take you back to how you felt during your special day.


In preparation for your wedding I will: